A Quest for Dasheen and Salt Cod in the West Indies of Brooklyn

Crown Heights lies at the center of Brooklyn’s Caribbean community, home to one of the largest expatriate populations in the US with immigrants from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Haiti, and elsewhere. Nostrand Avenue, running north-south through Crown Heights, is dotted with roti shops and groceries, making it an ideal place to shop for West Indian ingredients.

Rebecca Lando

Complete Kitchen: Working Class Foodie Rebecca Lando

From pie weights to Pyrex, each of us considers a different set of elements to be crucial to our cooking, and we often have strong opinions as to why. In this column, I will ask chefs, foodies, and restaurateurs from across the borough for the top ten necessities—both edible and utensil—that they keep stocked in their home kitchens. In this installment, Working Class Foodies producer Rebecca Lando gives us her top ten must-haves.

The Dish: Stuffed Collards

For a nontraditional, Midwestern, Polish-American (via Brooklyn) Thanksgiving, try these stuffed collards with beef and rice. Soft, succulent, and slightly sweet – the perfect cold-weather meal.

Winter CSA

The Dish: The ABCs of Winter CSAs

The increasingly-popular CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a method by which members buy into a farm’s harvest before the season begins. In exchange for their funding, they receive a portion of the farm’s produce, eggs, or other products throughout the year. But what do you get in the winter? And how does one go about joining?

My bodega

Brooklyn Bodegas Thrive on Soon-To-Be Slashed Food Assistance

Signs advertising government food subsidy programs dot the awnings and windows of the small and decrepit mini-grocers that line poverty stricken streets throughout Brooklyn, where rotting produce and goods packed with corn syrup collect dust. With a new federal cut to food stamp subsidies signed into law this week, how can Brooklyn retailers provide better food to it’s most vulnerable citizens rather than just continue to cut corners?