After Trayvon

After Trayvon, a Short Film

One day after George Zimmerman was acquitted of the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, a group of young men gathered in Fort Greene Park and discussed Trayvon’s death, stop and frisk, and daily life. Watch the mini-doc.

The Future of Brooklyn The Borough

This website is an open call for our community to establish a media cooperative for independent, DIY, artists, makers, creatives, writers, teachers, and inventors in our borough. It is a call to create a profile, add your events to a central calendar, discover and make friends and build an audience across similar interests, industries, or fields. When we know each other, we can support each other, have genuine conversations, connect over mutual interests and have a rigorous and multifaceted debate about what should happen in our community.

The History of Brooklyn The Borough has been an endeavor. I had no idea what I was getting myself into starting this project, and that’s probably a good thing. Five years later, I’ve come to view this place as a community – a free speech network for local artists to connect across mediums and interests without sponsors or advertising or an obvious motive outside of building community and real social connection as antidotes to an age of avatars and isolationism.

Jason Goodman

The Mallification of Brooklyn’s Creative Makers

I’m just going to say it. What happened at 3rd Ward is a symptom of the capitalist corporate structure’s imposition upon the creative arts economy in Brooklyn over the last decade and change. My perch is unique in this arts economy – which includes entrepreneurial journalistic endeavors such as this site, which I own independently – as sites like mine have all popped up to cover what we see before us, but not all have remained completely advertiser free.


From the New Museum to the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Art is Life is Art

Performance art is happening all around us. Engage your life with this art by attending some of this month’s performances as part of the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival. This is a non-corporate, totally DIY, one time festival, which does not run any concurrent events, so you may actually catch them all. Most of the presentations are free or by donation.