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May 5, 2012 / / Music

The business savvy songstress, returned to her fans after four years of silence, came at her audience with a powerful message and they were ready to listen. On the eve of May Day, also the release of her second album Master of My Make-Believe (Downtown/Atlantic), her songs ring true as dark pop with a worldly punk twist, burrowing deep into our souls and forcing modicums of truth into the ether that sorely need recognition.

March 23, 2011 / / Music

At an official ceremony featuring Marty Markowitz at Brooklyn Borough Hall recently, the folks behind Williamsburg’s annual Northside Festival announced bohemian favorite Beirut will headline the June festival. A week prior saw Brooklyn’s Panache Booking Agency organizing an early Spring Break with the first annual hipster Bruise Cruise to the Bahamas. Consider this the nation’s annual hang over recovery week as folks try to determine just exactly what they saw (and actually remember) at Austin’s South by Southwest Music showcase last week. Need more options?