Has Lou Reed Asked Your Band to Grab a Slice?

Buke and Gass
Buke and Gass

BrooklynTheBorough.com noted a Lou and Laurie sighting in December when local duo Buke & Gass played a homecoming show at Mercury Lounge. We had no idea the evening would end with the couple asking the band out for slices of pizza – or a full blown collaboration.

On February 15, New York’s rock royals will perform at The Stone as the Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson Valentine’s Day DUO according venue’s website. The intimate, non-profit space lists Buke & Gass as the opening band, as well as lone accompaniment, with very little information. Brooklyn the Borough caught up with Buke & Gass’ Arone Dyer via email to ask exactly how this all came about. The band’s debut Riposte is out now on Brassland, featuring song Page Break, video below.

BrooklynTheBorough: I was surprised to turn and see Lou in the audience. I heard he was a fan of Talk Normal, but how did this show at the Stone come about?

Arone Dyer: We were just as surprised to see Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson in the audience as you! They invited us out for pizza afterwards, and presented the idea over slices. We’d heard Lou had played our music on his Sirius Radio Station a few months before, too. It was really good pizza.

BTB: Can you talk about what we can expect? Is it a collaboration? I originally heard the date was scheduled for Valentine’s Day, any truth or significance to that?

AD: Not sure if we’re collaborating, just yet, hopefully, though! It’s scheduled for the day after Valentine’s day, because the venue is closed on the 14th. Meh, it’s still Valentine’s day if it’s the day after, right? As far as we know it’s just us, and Lou and Laurie, not even sure how they’ll be performing.

BTB: What’s it like to work with them? Is Lou a fan of Blue Man Group, perhaps? (ed. Aron Sanchez works in the production department designing instruments)

AD: No, but we went to their holiday party and had a blast! I think we’re just gonna wing it.

BTB: The duo line-up is obviously a large part of what makes B&G so appealing — any frustrations in working with such a limited palette, at least in a live setting? Any collaborations/additional players lined up in the future?

AD: No frustrations that we haven’t worked out on our own so far, maybe there’s another line-up, maybe no, spooner than plater? It’s a proverbial breeze to write together, but we’ll be open to it when the right person or peeps come along.

BTB: Final question: have you seen the Warhol screen tests at the MOMA yet? Reed’s is one of the best.

AD: Nope, but i’m going this week, I’ll pay attention!

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