This Beautiful Alan Wilkis Video Was Shot In Dumbo

The music video for Shadow is a trip back to 1979 through the eyes of an introverted photo assistant who’s becomes far from camera shy when a nude model arrives on set. It’s written and directed by Ryan O’Hara Theisen who is a filmmaker based out of Brooklyn, he sent over his thoughts on it.

Santigold Saves the Day, Masters Our Make-Believe

The business savvy songstress, returned to her fans after four years of silence, came at her audience with a powerful message and they were ready to listen. On the eve of May Day, also the release of her second album Master of My Make-Believe (Downtown/Atlantic), her songs ring true as dark pop with a worldly punk twist, burrowing deep into our souls and forcing modicums of truth into the ether that sorely need recognition.

Welcome to the Beginning: How I Learned About Brutal Cops

The brutal reaction of police towards #occupywallstreet protestors in New York City, of campus police at UC Davis to students, and in many instances around the country have only inspired thousands more to fill American streets with their voices. That inspiration, a reawakening within the spirit and mind, is contagious – in my case, it came at a personal cost many years ago.

How Thomas Bartlett, Doveman Keeps Busy

The New York based singer-songwriter and accompanist is ironically the least recognizable name in a cadre of New York musicians slowly approaching marquee status and it was great to finally catch his solo act. With so many opportunities Bartlett is able to do what he wants with little regret or anything that resembles a shell. Here’s how he keeps busy.

Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez of Buke and Gass

Has Lou Reed Asked Your Band to Grab a Slice?

And now, a follow up. noted a Lou and Laurie sighting in December when local duo Buke & Gass played a homecoming show at Mercury Lounge. We had no idea the evening would end with the couple asking the band out for slices of pizza – or a full blown collaboration.