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The son of the former congressman from the district announced his new office as a political consultant, and clued in his local group of political wonks on news from a recent meeting of district leaders for the Kings County Democratic Party. Here’s a little inside baseball on the Kings County Democratic Party as heads turn to the 2013 local races.…

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Far from giving up, #OccupyWallStreet has taken it’s fight to the internet while sleeping in city churches and community centers and continuing to hold General Assembly meetings in Liberty Plaza. Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s early morning raid almost two weeks ago, occupiers remain nimble and continue to turn out crowds. Matt Harvey visits the Plaza to report on the aftermath.…

November 21, 2011 / / Politics

The brutal reaction of police towards #occupywallstreet protestors in New York City, of campus police at UC Davis to students, and in many instances around the country have only inspired thousands more to fill American streets with their voices. That inspiration, a reawakening within the spirit and mind, is contagious – in my case, it came at a personal cost many years ago.…