Tariq Ali Describes “The Birth and Emergence of an Extreme Center”

Tariq Ali back in the day.
Tariq Ali back in the day.

Towards the end of Brooklyn Book Fest we headed over to the Brooklyn Historical Society’s gorgeous old library for “Power to the People: Grassroots Revolution in the Post-Hope Era.”

Tariq Ali (The Obama Syndrome), Todd Gitlin (Occupy Nation), and Marina Sitrin (Everyday Revolutions) discussed the necessity and effectiveness of individual action in the political sphere, which was moderated by Laura Flanders (The Nation).

The panel dug into “What’s the connection between social change and electoral politics? Does the hope we can truly believe in come from the ground up? And what can we learn from the peoples’ revolutions from around the globe?”

Ali’s comments, about six minutes of them before our memory space ran out, delve into a very interesting theory about the extreme center of politics, where the powerful center drowns out a spectrum of variety.

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