Partners in Crime taeOne and ThaneOne present Suede Jury and LEX

Presented by taeOne and THANEONE aka our good friends Partners in Crime at The Lab (224 Wyckoff Avenue at Menahan Street) on Friday, this collaborative installation will include recent works by these native New York street artists and feature live performances by Suede Jury and LEX who will be rocking their taeOne produced songs. Here’s a behind the look at these up and coming artists.

Suede Jury

Design-minded Brooklyn native Suede Jury intricately weaves all forms of poetry into his music. Every line is carefully crafted to convey a message, image, or concept — delivered w/ his signature bass-heavy tone & multi-syllabic stutter-step. He draws influence from the early ’90s, arthouse films, Africa, women, coming of age in BK, & touches on themes of personal triumph & the human condition. Here’s his latest video with Submarine Bass Face, and a taeOne produced beat below.

[bandcamp track=3291087234 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]



Born and bred in Washington Heights, notoriously a hotbed for hip hop, taeOne first dabbled in the scene as a graff writer, roaming the streets and subway tunnels of New York’s underground. After getting popped by the cops for vandalism, he got his hands on a Akai s20 and decided to use his creative energy less illegally as a beatsmith. taeOne curates a sound that captures and expands on the spirit of 90s hip hop. Naming the Beatminerz, Organized Noise, and Jay Dee as influences, no sound or tempo is off limits. Here’s a classic tae remix.

[soundcloud id=’14907183′]



A son of Queens, LEX is a fan and student of Hip Hop, first and foremost. His music represents everyday life and struggle that most city dwellars can relate to. He looks to reach listeners through content that is honest, yet creative. A member of the rap group, Sinistah Circle and New York Rhyme Exchange collective, LEX is an MC who has been recording and performing since 2002. This is some real rap ish.

[soundcloud id=’25185924′]


Otherwise known as Niger Miles, a creative director and filmmaker originally from Harlem, THANEONE has been getting up on walls since he was a wee one. Here’s his (dirty) reel.


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