What’s in a Name? That Which We Call Poderosa

Zuzuka Poderosa is a local musical force to be reckoned with, bringing together sounds from all over the world. Her music was described by Spin as a “wobbling, vinyl-crackling, skittering, dub-like, kitchen-sink-and-then-some twist on baile funk.” This lady’s powerful stance and radiant beauty are mesmerizingly unique: she is our favorite global local.

The Brooklyn Museum surely agrees! Their First Saturday theme for March is ‘Women’s Stories’ and Zuzuka will be performing March 1, 2014 at 5pm, so be sure not to miss this free gig before she heads out of town to conquer SXSW.

Though Zuzuka describes her sound as “South America meets the South of North America” we’d like to think there’s some of the Southside in there too. I asked Zu about her new music, favorite Brooklyn venues, interracial music babies, and what’s up with her at SXSW and beyond in 2014, including an upcoming appearance at Radio Bushwick on March 21. Here’s what she had to say.

NB: What are your favorite venues to play and to hear music in Brooklyn and why?

ZP: House of Yes – I love everything about House of Yes. It’s Brooklyn for me. They know how to throw a good party. Everybody else got nothing on them.

Bossa Nova Civic Club – nice cozy spot in Bushwick with a nice DJ both, nice little dance floor, and it’s dark. The cocktails are really good, not so pricey and the free water with lemon is a winner.

Output – I’m not into paying mad money for a drink, but the sound system is quite orgasmic there. The line is great most of the time, the crowd can be a little off. Oh. That black rubber bar counter is sexy too.

Glasslands – I played with Canada’s “A Tribe Called Red” at an amazing party there last year. The crowd got down!

RIP 285 Kent.

I’m playing at Radio Bushwick on March 21st, although I haven’t been there yet, I’m really looking forward to find out. I only heard great things about it.

NB: What is an interracial music baby?

ZP: It’s the future of music. It’s all of us. It’s a mix of culture and sounds. It’s interracial, and nothing will stop us. It’s inevitable, baby!

NB: What will you be in doing in 2014?

ZP: I will be releasing new music with the amazing Nego Mozambique (we collaborate frequently and tour together), plus we’ll be showcasing our new project @ SXSW this year.

SXSW 2014 Schedule:
03/07 @ North Door for second day of Bang Pop Festival
03/11 @ Kingdom
03/14 @ Sahara Lounge
03/14 @ Kenny’s Doorman Backyard for Listen Global Act Local
03/17 @ Chupacabra (Peligrosa)

Photo by Alvaro Corzo

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