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February 2, 2010 / / Visual Art

Phillip Stearns (a.k.a. Pixel Form) creates art that involves unique networks of wires, connectors, light sensors, and miniature speakers. If you’re willing, his art interacts with you, creating an energetic intimacy between the observer and the observed

December 1, 2009 / / Visual Art

How and why did Basque artist Itziar Barrio end up creating a public billboard art installation on the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Fulton Street in Bed-Stuy? Barrio spoke with us about the concept of her irreverently engaging piece, and why the ideas surrounding art and community are more universal than local.

November 30, 2009 / / Visual Art

Kelli Anderson is a painter, illustrator, photographer, letterpress operator, art history scholar, and a graphic designer; a proper polymath for the 21st Century. But more recently, the New Orleans native has been cutting her teeth as a guerrilla visual communicator. Brooklyn The Borough was fortunate enough to catch up with her, to find out more about her background, her vast and varied body of work, and how she ended up a diabolical creative mastermind in Brooklyn.

November 30, 2009 / / Visual Art

Brooklyn The Borough enjoyed a raucous chat with the Yost, where we found out more about his work, his move to Brooklyn, and why the mural he’s been working on for his soon-to-be born daughter features a pigeon and an everything bagel. Trust us, it will all come together.

September 12, 2009 / / Housing
June 14, 2009 / / Visual Art
May 12, 2009 / / Film
May 7, 2009 / / Politics

“We’re just going to do it,” said Kris Graves, sitting on an ottoman in the center of Kris Graves Projects, his new eponymous Dumbo gallery. “Fuck it.”

It was a recent Sunday afternoon and Mr. Graves, 26, was explaining the sentiment he felt when he and his cousin Gravelle Pierre, 29, decided to open the gallery. It’s a sentiment that seems to have pervaded Brooklyn’s creative class as of late.

October 1, 2008 / / Observer Original

When the Dow plummeted on Monday after Congress failed to pass a bailout for Wall Street’s many woes, Brooklyn’s creative class was already bracing itself. A downturn at the top of the food chain can’t bode well for those closer to the bottom, like the plethora of visual and performing artists that reside here.

“It’s just a drag,” said Karen Brooks Hopkins, the president of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, whose fall season opens this week. “What I feel bad about is that the arts organizations, the cultural organizations, have finally recovered from 9/11, and now this.

April 10, 2008 / / Observer Original

What do Jasper Johns, Cindy Sherman, Annie Leibovitz and Keith Haring all have in common? Each artist has work up for sale at the 4th Annual Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM to us locals) Silent Auction.