David Cross and Jonathan Ames Lock Lips At Brooklyn Book Fest

Ames kisses Cross
Ames kisses Cross

The Brooklyn Book Festival set up shop in our literary left bank utopia on Sunday, and it was a typical day in Brooklyn: David Cross yelled about Jews, Amy Goodman yelled about war profiteers and then things got a little gay.

The festival’s main stage, at the steps of Borough Hall, wrapped up the day with performances hosted by the popular Happy Ending Reading Series.  After a riveting a cappella dance performance of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean by Rakesh Satyal, author of Blue Boy, and the harrowing childhood tales of Jonathan Ames, Mr. Cross, ever the comedian, was introduced to the stage by emcee Amanda Stern, who demanded a “risk” of each performer after reading from their materials.

Mr. Cross read from his book, I Drink For A Reason – wondering aloud why Jews are the only religious group thought of as self-loathing before taunting his more orthodox brethren with fake letters to rabbis – and sealed the performance with a pant-less kiss with Jonatham Ames, proclaiming, “Tastes like cinnamon!”

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