Amy Goodman Raises Her Independent Voice at Book Fest

Amy Goodman
Amy Goodman

The description for the Independent Media Voices panel at the Brooklyn Book Festival was slightly more in depth than the subsequent discussion between Amy Goodman (host, Democracy Now!), Pamela Newkirk (author of Letters From Black America), and Richard Nash (publisher, Soft Skull Press), moderated by Dennis Loy Johnson (publisher, Melville House Press). Though the speakers were a little bit disjointed after a last minute change that replaced zine guru Jessica Hopper with Mr. Nash, Ms. Goodman stayed on her point that the corporate media is in bed with war profiteers.

In the video above, Ms. Goodman takes on television pundits, calling them the “gatekeepers” that people no longer believe, who seem “know so little about so much.”  She pointed to an increased interest in programs like Democracy Now!, adding later, “People are simply looking for authentic voices, people closest to the story, not the know nothing pontificators.”

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