Amy Sohn Yells About Hollywood Liberals, Takes Harvey’s Name In Vain

Amy Sohn
Amy Sohn

Last night Amy Sohn crossed Brooklyn’s psychic divider – Flatbush Avenue – into Crown Heights. At Franklin Park’s Reading Series, the Park Slope maven read from her book Prospect Park West, which has caused a stir among the swanky slope set.

After reading a passage from her novel that takes place at Southpaw – whose investors also own Franklin Park – she read a passage that references a character’s fixation on Roman Polanski, which was written and released before the 76 year-old director was jailed recently on a 30 year old charge of statutory rape.  Sohn made sure the crowd knew she doesn’t share that fixation with her character.
“This is about her fixation on Roman Polanski,” Sohn said, interrupting the chapter, “and this came out a couple of months ago – this book – so I don’t really want to change any of it for the paperback, but I – it’s weird you know because he’s in so much trouble now, she jokes about pedophilia like it’s not serious. I believe that Polanski should stand trial, I really do, I think it’s disgusting that all these fucking Hollywood liberals standing up for this guy. He’s disturbed. You don’t want Harvey Weinstein, like, defending you, it’s the most backhanded compliment you could get. That’s to say that I don’t feel the same way about Roman Polanski as this particular character.”
Polanski is awaiting a decision by a Swiss tribunal on whether he will be extradited to Los Angeles to face a possible two year prison stint.  And of course it’s nice to know that Sohn is not afraid to take Harvey’s name in vain.
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