Schumer, Beyoncé and Jay-Z Hang Out at Williamsburg’s Pool Party

Beyonce Jay Z and Senator Chuck Schumer at the Pool Party.
Beyonce Jay Z and Senator Chuck Schumer at the Pool Party.

“I’m not going to get all political, but I was standing in the back and many of you voiced your concerns,” Senator Chuck Schumer told the young voting block in attendance at the summer’s final Pool Party in Williamsburg. “We’re going to pass a healthcare bill!”

The crowd, if slightly befuddled by the senator’s appearance, cheered; possibly in anticipation of Grizzly Bear’s imminent appearance.  Senator Schumer had just finished talking about how he is the first sitting United States Senator from Brooklyn in 150 years.  It was a move more akin to Marty Markowitz than a senator, who apprehensively solicited the support, or at least acknowledgment, of Brooklyn’s young voters.

Makes perfect sense now,” tweeted 2xlp, “Chuck Schumer heard Jay-Z & Beyoncé were in the burg and rushed for the photo opp.”

Vega and Beach House had finished two relaxing sets under the afternoon sun, and it was apparent that attendees were squeezing the last bit of summer from 2009, before heading back to their respective work or school after Labor Day.

“Enjoy Grizzly Bear!” yelled the senator as he walked offstage. The Pool Party’s summer season of shows on the East River have become popular since its run at the McCarren Park Pool came to an end, and the pool(less) parties moved over to Kent Avenue at North 8th Street.

“It’s always nice to play a hometown show,” said singer Ed Droste, who just before heading on stage tweeted, “Heard the free show is at capacity and they aren’t letting anyone else in—I still see space! Jump the side fences?”

As seaplanes buzzed overhead and landed in the water, large puffs of smoke emanated from the crowd.  At the sound booth, celebrity couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z swayed to the experimental tunes, which boomed across the national parkland on a perfect breezy afternoon.

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